Welcome to Gifts for the Goddess; a site that describes six female archetypes, six major aspects of a women’s persona.  Which one can you closely relate too?

   Which Goddess will you be today?

We each have a Goddess persona within us.  Over the last 17 years my very close friends and many women have gathered, supported and nurtured one another in women’s circles and at special events.

Check out the Goddess Archetypes below and see which one you are leading with today.  And I invite you to join me on my quest for connection, love, inspiration and empowerment.  

-Veronica Crystal Young

“Each person is hard wired to enact or model archetypal characteristics. Our individual archetypes are reflected in our desires and intentions. Ask yourself “What do I want?” “What is the purpose of my existence?” and if you listen with your soul, the archetype will answer.” -Deepok Chopra

Goddess descriptions courtesy of Cat Williford at “The Modern Goddess.”   Visit her website today to take the Goddess Test.

Demeter is the goddess of fertility, the seasons and nurturing the young and was depicted with her daughter, flowers and wheat. Today, she loves children and frequently raises many or works in professions that support them. In business, she is known for collaboration; mediation and making sure all are heard. The neighborhood kids wind up at her home after school because it is set up to entertain and educate children. She not only nurtures children, she is a green-thumbed gardener and often has flowering and food plants around her. She is usually dressed in clothing that is kid friendly and her bags have way more than wallet and keys. She has tremendous patience, listens attentively and responds kindly. Her voice can be soothing, her manner easy and her laugh great! Her car may be confused with a taxi for children.  Demeter – Family and Friends

Persephone is the goddess of the Underworld and spirits. She was depicted with sheaves of grain and a torch. Today, she shows up as clairvoyant and psychic, interested in the healing arts or ministry. Her dream life is active and she sometimes has visions. She honors the mystical, spiritual and ethereal. Many Persephone women are often in their own world, marching to a drum only they seem to hear. Sometimes they even forget to eat. Their self-care comes and goes – one day she may appear all pulled together and the next day scattered. She wears clothing that flows and swirls, much like she does. She is intuitive in business and listens to instinct to make decisions and when none is forthcoming, she patiently waits for clarity. She is often dismissed as a flake though she is fiercely intelligent and has studied many subjects.    Persephone – Spiritual

Artemis is the goddess of nature and was shown with a bow and arrows or next to wild animals. Today, she is most comfortable outside or in a relaxed, “un-corporate” atmosphere. Her loner personality may put you off yet she is completely innocent to the offense and finds it normal to go days without talking to people. How do you recognize Artemis? She is an animal lover, respects nature’s rhythms and plans outings that include outdoor activities, often physical or sports related. She enjoys adventure and may take an African photo safari vacation or join in a last minute trip to Peru. She is athletic and strong yet often vulnerable in the city or office environment. She speaks sparingly with huge impact. Her commitment level is high and she is her word. An Artemis woman dresses for comfort and movement and if she has to wear a suit, it will be unstructured, loose and usually involve slacks!   Artemis -Nature and Environment

Gaia, the Greek goddess of Earth, and is the universal Goddess.  The ancient Greeks considered her as a Mother of all things and they believe every living being sprang up from her. Today, she empowers through nurturing, preserving, taking care to provide safety and security. She provides a grounded place out of which creativity may be more freely expressed, and she feels like she holds the world in her hands. She can be over responsible, controlling, over-nurturing but her heart is very big.  She teaches the lessons of giving and receiving and to simply allow the earth’s gifts to nuture us and flow through us.  Gaia- Universe and Life

Aphrodite is the goddess of love and she was sculpted in reclining positions or entwined with a lover. Today, she is most at home in beautiful, comfortable surroundings and her office may feel like a living room. An Aphrodite woman usually wears silks or other fabrics that feel soft and luxurious to the touch and she has a flair for accessories. Her style in everything is romantic. Don’t let all that beauty and flair fool you though, she is an astute businesswoman who makes decisions based on gut instinct or how something feels. She attends the theatre, gallery and museum openings and loves to dine in beautiful, attentive restaurants. The term “wined and dined” was no doubt coined for Aphrodite women! Her warmth and true appreciation of people is what draws you to her, while her gracious, gentle manner is what keeps you close. Aphrodite – Love

Athena –  is the goddess of civilization and was frequently depicted with an owl or sword. Today, she is a city gal who values learning, is intellectual, and thrives in the office, boardroom and leading meetings. How do you recognize an Athena-type? Her clothing is impeccable and practical, she excels at most of what she attempts, her shoes and bags are completely functional yet stylish. She gets to the point quickly and is bored with small talk. Athena appreciates nature but does not go camping very often. Her usual weekend attire is stylish in its comfort! Most people consider an Athena-type a perfectionist with high expectations, for herself and others. She is a competitor and enjoys a challenge. If you want a problem solved or project handled from start to finish, call an Athena-type woman! Athena – Business and Finance