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Veronica Crystal Young   

Acknowledging and recognizing the unique and special gifts in everyone has always been a passion. I guess it is because I have had experience in my life that created self doubt, shame, and expectations that were sometimes unrealistic or destructive. These obstacles and the challenges of overcoming negative patterns in my life built the road to self examination, forgiveness, courage and freedom.  I wanted to share with everyone, especially women, that healing, love and forgiveness is possible, forgiveness for others as well as themselves,  no matter the past. 

As a successful business woman, I‘ve worked to feel connected, find my inner voice and intuition, and take action to resolve my limiting beliefs.

My philosophy has always been:  It is within your power to make the choices to discover your true calling, to change the thoughts and limiting beliefs in your life that hold you back, cause self doubt or sadness; and to make way for connection, creativity, inner strength and “dream” success. When you do this work, when you understand where you came from, why you react the way you do, and that your words and thoughts are very powerful, then you have the conscience ability to change (direct) outcomes.

My passion is to share how to create and discover this empowering space.  You know the one!   Where you feel like you can do anything and your inner spirit soars because you are the happiest you have ever been. Because you are truly BEING who you feel you are meant to be.

I share tools for releasing negative-limiting mindsets, creating positive reprogramming and releasing stress to make way for your intuition and inner voice to be heard. It is what I call Hot Rewiring my brain.”  Powerful stuff considering all you have to do is identify the wiring, and make your mind up about changing it. .  Sometimes we just need focus, to be still, clear the mindfog in our brain……and listen….. It’s there.

SmMINDAs a serial Entrepreneur, In addition to being an empowerment “Rewire your Brain” mindset coach:

  • *I am the creator for TV ArtScapes®, a DVD series that brings the relaxing, reconnection and energetic healing of nature. Look for them in hospitals, spas, physician’s offices, as well as homes across the country.
  • *I enjoy sharing my passion for singing in the performance singing Duo Crystal Whiskey.  Look for us in the High Desert Areas of Southern California.
  • *I am a Sr. Finance Manager in one of the top ranked hospitals in the US – Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

-Veronica Crystal Young

Check out my About Me page to see everything that I’m doing.

Whatever you can do, or dream you can,  begin it. BOLDNESS has genius, power and magic in it.                                                                     -Goethe 

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