As I sit here at my computer, beating myself up for not having time to write last week, I realize TIME is the perfect subject.  How often do you find there is not enough time in the day to accomplish what you want?  Are you as frustrated as I am when people say “time is an illusion?” How can it be an illusion when I miss a meeting, don’t finish something in time for a goal date or see that my face is showing the wisdom of my years?  To me it is very real, and it is crazy making sometimes when it feels like overwhelm before you even get started.  This Blog being one of those times!


I think the key to “feeling” like you have a handle on time is to live for and in the moment. There have been books and books written about this. One way I keep the “not enough time” hound away is to act.  Sure, I make my lists, I check things off, I get distracted, I make more lists…but action is always fulfilling in that it does bring me closer to goals.  Even if my action brings failure, at least I know the result, whether it is positive or negative, and that is valuable information.


I have come to allow my NOW to drive my time. Allow is big for me, being a goal oriented, over achieving, control gal (Couldn’t you tell!). Sometimes we just have to cut ourselves a break! 


My mantra every morning has turned out to be:  “Things will happen in their time.  People will show up in time, and you have enough time.” Just don’t go down that self destructive road of not enough……it’s a time killer! So until the next time….  Be kind to yourself.  Allow the now…….


Live, Love and find your “Time,”

 -VCYoung, 40’s Goddess     


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