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I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by.  Last year I was spending my holiday here in Sedona and here I am again, enjoying the red rocks, peace and serenity of mother nature.  I’m traveling a little further to the Grand Canyon in a few days so that will be a brand new adventure!  But I digress, I wanted to talk about Friends for the Holidays…. so here it is.

Friends…so great to have friends that you can talk to about anything without being judged, friends that you can trust to be there for you no matter what, friends that keep you real and won’t let you get away with being stupid or inappropriate. Friends who will keep your secrets in confidence and tell you like it is even though it may hurt.  It’s hard to find….. Having true friends is a treasure and we should never take it for granted.

Sometimes we may make mistakes, sometimes they will make mistakes, each of us acting less than our wonderful selves from pressures at home, at work…or just because we have some fear leading us in the wrong direction.  But owning up to our mistakes, taking responsibility for our actions and expressing any apologies needed is a start to getting things back on track. True friendship is golden and having true friends is the richest thing in the world.

I have groups of friends as we probably all do. Personal friends, work friends, comedy friends, professional-creative friends and a group of Goddess Friends.  There is some cross over but each group of friends is distinct and I can be a little different in each circle.  I know I am pretty quiet in the comedy group of friends as I’m a bit intimidated by all the wonderful talent!  I am very outspoken with my group of Goddess friends and personal friends, and the work and entertainment friend’s groups’ are a little more “political.”  Political meaning there are “correct” ways to act and interact.  I hate that but hey, that’s life right?  Honesty, integrity, fairness is the key to all interactions, no matter the group.  Trying to actually live that amongst all the personalities, political pulls and human nature is sometimes pretty challenging, especially when in a Management position. If I hold onto those 3 things, I’m doing good!

So I want to acknowledge a few groups of my friends.

Mary and Fred Willard’s Sketch comedy class friends – You inspire me.  You remind me not to take myself too seriously, and that there is joy and laughter in everything, even the tough times.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center work friends – You inspire me.  You keep me grounded, fulfilled, and real….knowing that we are helping people and fellow staff……working thru some tough system hurdles together and figuring it all out, because that’s what we do!

Crystal Eyes Entertainment friends – You inspire me.  You give me such joy! You bring out the creative juices in me for “The Cougar News©” or “TV ArtScapes®.”  Thank you for sharing your talent and creativity.

Goddess friends – You inspire me.  You are my best friends, my chosen sisters. I feel loved and blessed to have you in my life. …thank you for being my family.

So who do you count as your friends?  Have you told them lately that you are happy and blessed to have them in your life?  The holidays are a perfect time for that.  So what are you waiting for?   It’s almost 2012!   (Ok, it’s only a movie!)

Lots O’Love people!

40s Goddess
VCYoung   – Veronica Crystal Young   AKA Gerlinde Davidson
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DreamsDreams.   We all have them.

Something that makes our heart dance and our soul sing.  Something that we know we were born to do.   But how many of us have given up on our dreams?  How many times have we made excuses and justified not following our hearts desire? How many times have someone said to us, you’re crazy!  You’d give up XYZ to go and do that?  How many times have we passed up opportunity for comfort or “being safe?”

Having a “great job” has it benefits as well as its’ traps if you are not pursuing your passion.  Giving up on your dreams is a sure way to age and have those horrible emotions depression and regret visit your door. Don’t let it happen!

So with that said, I have embarked on a new adventure!  One of my dreams has always been to empower and inspire women.  Having come from a less than positive childhood, I have always felt the need to empower  women to believe that they are powerful, beautiful, sexy women, who have total control over their destiny. …. .at any age, size, shape, or color. There are many stereotypes and assumptions made about people and with the constant media stream of what is considered beautiful and acceptable, judgments and labels abound.  One label that has emerged, hardly new but more used now, is the label “cougar.”   This label is being used for women, over the age of 40 who enjoy going after what they want, are confident and secure in who they are and have the courage to go after it,….Oh, and what they tend to like is the company of younger men.  I love that!

Unfortunately, the label has become a negative one, with a horrible TV show in past years called “The Cougar” and the recent addition to the fall line-up “Cougartown” with Courtney Cox.  I’ve been watching it and at least every women in it is not a sleeze or desperate, older women on the prowl….but it’s close.  The jury is still out on this one.

My take on the whole thing is why do women have to be labeled if they date younger men?  If they are confident, know what they want, are independent and go after it…why the animal label? I’m sure a man came up with that one!

So, with all that said, besides producing the “TV ArtScapes” relaxation nature series for HD and big screen TVs, my latest endeavor takes me to producing my own women’s news magazine show.   Granted I have taken advantage of this term ”cougar” for part of the title, “The Cougar News,” but only in that I want to change the perception and make it a positive one.  One that means a women is confident, happy, secure, independent, beautiful and knows what she wants, and personally, I don’t think that’s a bad thing, Frankly, It’s about time.

So to all the women out there, at any age….you are Wise, Powerful, Beautiful…and Youth is in your Passions and Dreams.  Go and Get it!

Show 1 – The Cougar News   Hunter vs Hunted
Getting Ready to Launch
40s Goddess   Veronica Crystal Young
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As Father’s day came around again, last week I find I want to write about that days subject –  Dad’s.

We all have one. When we are little, they seem to be larger than life. This can be positive or negative, depending on your Dad, of course.  As a girl, you know and trust that Dad will protect and provide for you.  I can only assume it is the same for boys.

We get a lot from our parents.  How relationships work, how they don’t.  How to trust or not trust, how to love, how to hate.  Being a parent is a hugh responsibility.  Some people are meant to be parents, some not.  No matter which type of parent you think you are or will become, know that you have a great impact on the little ones that depend on you every day.

My Dad was very dedicated to us when we were young.  He worked 2 jobs and my mother was able to stay at home, which was a great thing.  When we four kids grew older, around 10-15, he took a job with the post office which is where he retired.  We always took great vacations – camping, boating, going to other states and national parks. It was a blast and those are times I will always cherish.

My dad was also “the enforcer.”  You know that line, “wait till your father gets home,” well we heard it a lot.  Or maybe it was just something us kids understood without the actual words being said.  We knew if we were giving mom grief or we were fighting a little too much, that we would be in trouble when Dad got home, so we were basically “scared” into being good kids.  I guess that’s the point, right?

Around my 7th or 8th grade year my Father changed. Maybe it was the fact that my two older brothers were at those difficult teenage years.  Maybe it was because his own memories of this teenage years came back to him (Whatever that was) and he couldn’t disconnect from the anger, hurt , guilt or abuse from his own past.  I don’t know.  Towards me he became more controlling and became physically abusive.  Towards my brothers he just became mean and we all suffered his psychological abuse.  No matter the reason, It happened and it is a part of my past and who I am. It always will be.  But the past is the past, and it is imprtant to understand and that.

As you grow older, the larger than life persona that was Dad fades away as we come to realize he is just  a man, just a human being like everyone else.  He has his faults, flaws, hang-ups…just like the rest of us.  There comes a time in every adult’s life where we can either blame our parents for the way our lives turned out, or we can forgive and move on to the reach the other side…to individuality, strength, self-worth and love.  It’s a much better road, I assure you.

I forgave my Dad along time ago.  He sits in a Alzheimer’s home currently.  He has forgotten the life of abuse he inflicted. It’s convenient I guess.  His guilt is also forgotten and he spends his time in “no time” with “no body.”  He lost his entire family due to his inability to search his soul, face himself and his demons and do what is right with the responsibility of raising a family.

I used to be sad on Father’s Day.  But now, I just remember the good man, the man I knew he was before whatever latched onto him that took him to dark places that he did not have the strength to battle.  Before he lost site of Love and of himself.

I forgive you Dad.  I love the man you once were…..and I miss him.I hope you find peace, I know I have.

So as Father’s day passes again, remember your Dad.   The good, the bad, the struggles, the joys…and bless the man that helped create the wonderful, strong, beautiful person that is YOU.

Love and Light always my friends,

Veronica Crystal Young –   40s Goddess

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Moms – So much to teach us….. and we have much to teach them.   As I fly up to be with mom for a few days, I have time to reflect on how we have communicated, loved, fought, learned and grew.   She has contributed to my personality, my fears, my dreams, and my values.  I would like to think I have influenced hers.

Growing up in her full-time love, devotion and caretaking was a luxury I feel most children and families these days do not enjoy.   Most families have working parents and I feel very fortunate to have had a full-time parent able to stay at home.   Not that there weren’t things she could have done differently…. meaning better, in my humble “non-parenting” opinion.  Hey, I can have an opinion on my own life!  But believe me, I don’t know how she did it!

Four small children by the time she was 25 and in a strange new county where she was leaning the language and the customs.  It’s all I can do to manage my own life let alone think about all that was involved with raising that many small children, not to mention learning a new country and language (which she did since she was in America I might add!).  Yes, I have a problem with people living here for years and never learning the language, Sorry.  But I digress…..

Shaping four little people’s minds and hearts is a tall order!  I learned quite a few things from my mother; Responsibility to family and friends, Appreciation for the beauty in nature, Unconditional love, Patience and Forgiveness.  All invaluable lessons for a successful life.

I would like to think that I have helped her realize a few things. Live in the moment and don’t worry so much…about everything!  Things will happen in their time and some things we do not have any control over.  Acceptance for what life brings.  We need to Trust in ourselves and what we want.  And lastly, It’s OK to toot your own horn every once in awhile….cause we are all fabulous!!!!!

Eventually it will be time for our roles to reverse.  The caretaking, responsibility and unconditional love she showed me returned with my adoration, respect and express thanks for a job well done.  Thanks Mom!   I love you, and be at peace knowing you have a Fabulous Daughter!!!!!

Tell your Mom you love her today.  And if she is no longer here, remember what she gave you.  LIFE, for one thing!

VCYoung   40sGoddess

Knight in Shining ?

Ahhh…vacation, well sort of. It’s 7:00 AM. As I sit here on my balcony overlooking a beautiful white sand beach, I wonder what this time away will bring.  I packed up my labtop and all my files and brought my camera with me to work on various projects since the love of my life has not shown up yet.  Ok, I still hope. 


Maybe he’ll discover me in this foreign country this time?  Maybe he’ll finally find me and he WILL be on that white horse.  Well……did I lose some of you with that? Yes, we all know that the knight in shining armor myth is a fantasy, but damn it, I can dream about it!  Yes, I’m independent. I’m stable and I’m happy…but sometimes I want a man around to share awesome experiences with, trade dreams unrealized and build a lasting love.  I have a great network of friends and I love them dearly, but having that special relationship with one man is completely different, aside from the obvious.  


So what am I going to do to “help this discovery” along?  What to do so that the synchronicity for my “future” presents himself…… all 6’ of him!  J  Let’s see… a sunset cruise?  No, too romantic, especially since everyone else will probably be sharing it with a cuddling companion.  I’ll just have their mascot.  Boos Cruise or party boat?  Naw….spring break crowd and Girls Gone Wild is not my style. I have it! The pirate ship cruise!  I’ll be able to by crazy, wear a sword, and have men rescue me! Oh wait, I don’t need rescuing!  Oh hell, I‘ll pretend just this once.  It’ll be fun. A change of pace. A needy mess.  Crying at everything.  Helpless beyond belief.  OK…I can’t do it. Just typing this my feet are going numb and I’m breaking out in hives! 


As I always do when I go on vacation, this week will be a great time for fun, relaxing…. yes, a little work……and continued dreaming.    And maybe, amid all this, being myself will be enough to attract that night, ummmmm, …….knight.  Maybe not in shining armor, but at least with a great head on his shoulders; sense of humor, stability, honesty, peace and love in his heart, and a great affection for an independent, loving woman.

It can happen.  It can happen, It can happen.  (Yes, I’m wearing ruby slippers)


Till next time,

 Love, Live and Continue to dream…….                                 Subscribe 


VCYoung, 40s Goddess



Choose Your Path

Last week was about Time, this week it’s choosing the right path to reach your dream.    I have found that being able to do many things can be both a blessing and a curse.  Keeping up with all my new business ventures and ideas, I sometimes find it hard to focus on what path I need to take FIRST.  I’ve done the brainstorming and dreaming, now it’s time to tackle the MAIN project that I am passionate about.  This is where it gets hard.

I’m passionate about all of them! OK- doing 8 million projects half-assed is not going to work! In order to keep my sanity and actually make progress toward my goals, I have to put some things on the back burner.  I always feel like I am going to miss the boat if I don’t implement and finish a project as soon as I envision it,  but having the discipline to stay on track with a primary goal is important for success.   

Don’t spread yourself too thin with project after project.  Starting out on your own with little or no capitol and alot of ideas can be discouraging to say the least.  But DO WHAT YOU LOVE, do what makes you happy, do what feeds your soul…..and it will all come together.

My passion is creativity, on all levels.  One passion is photography.  I took all the pictures on this blog either with a digital camera or from a video still.  One project is to make cards and bookmarks with inspirational sayings with these images.  Another passion is nature, videography and editing, hence the creation of TV ArtScapes DVDs.  And let’s not forget filmmaking – Producing shows that inspire, inform, motivate and make us laugh!  We sure could use it with what is out there right now!!!

Notice healthcare is not on the passion list?  I’ve been doing that for 24 years.  It has served me well but the path I choose now is my creativity. 

So people, What do you dream of doing?  Is there a particular path you feel compelled to take?  What steps can you take to be on that path?  Let’s all Dream this week, shall we?  and remember to

Love, Live and choose Your Path,

 -VCYoung, 40’s Goddess     




As I sit here at my computer, beating myself up for not having time to write last week, I realize TIME is the perfect subject.  How often do you find there is not enough time in the day to accomplish what you want?  Are you as frustrated as I am when people say “time is an illusion?” How can it be an illusion when I miss a meeting, don’t finish something in time for a goal date or see that my face is showing the wisdom of my years?  To me it is very real, and it is crazy making sometimes when it feels like overwhelm before you even get started.  This Blog being one of those times!


I think the key to “feeling” like you have a handle on time is to live for and in the moment. There have been books and books written about this. One way I keep the “not enough time” hound away is to act.  Sure, I make my lists, I check things off, I get distracted, I make more lists…but action is always fulfilling in that it does bring me closer to goals.  Even if my action brings failure, at least I know the result, whether it is positive or negative, and that is valuable information.


I have come to allow my NOW to drive my time. Allow is big for me, being a goal oriented, over achieving, control gal (Couldn’t you tell!). Sometimes we just have to cut ourselves a break! 


My mantra every morning has turned out to be:  “Things will happen in their time.  People will show up in time, and you have enough time.” Just don’t go down that self destructive road of not enough……it’s a time killer! So until the next time….  Be kind to yourself.  Allow the now…….


Live, Love and find your “Time,”

 -VCYoung, 40’s Goddess