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Rain – Its Healing Powers

The healing and life giving property of water.  We need it, and it usually brings all sorts of feelings and emotions when it comes.  Some people have mood swings when it rains.  Some curl up with a good book, some light a fireplace and spend time with a loved one, others work at home or shop or just simply enjoy it.

Regardless of how you feel about the rain, it will always come…eventually, giving the healing and life sustaining water that mother earth needs. Water is an amazing gift, and being a Pisces, It is one of my favorite things in life, in any form. 

Oceans, lakes, streams….the rain. It is a reminder to me about flow, about allowing what is, and it always instills in me a personal strength and inspiration. I can’t help but be inspired when I sit at the bottom of a powerful waterfall or on the cliffs overlooking a tempestuous sea.

No matter how you feel about the rain, try to use it as a time to reflect.  A time to check in with your soul and replenish your own personal strength and examine your beliefs.  Is there anything you need to nurture in yourself that you have not been paying attention too? Do you need to take a day and appreciate what you have instead of what you don’t have? Take a breather from the constant “do-do-do” of life and decide how to honor yourself.  Re-evaluate anything that is not serving you. Today is just as good a day to do it. And when the sun finally comes out, it is a reminder to us that there is always sunshine after the storm. Always another day to start anew, always a great light that will shine both in you and from you, when you are honoring who you are and your magnificence.  Because, my dears, you are truly that magnificent.

Take your cue from the rain, and nurture that which is ”you”.
Growth will occur, and your light will shine…. Always.  

Love and Light this fine rainy Day!!

 Veronica Crystal Young   -40s Goddess

Sedona Thanksgiving Adventure

sedonablogThis Thanksgiving since all family has moved quite far and it is a time for family, I decided to go to Sedona, Arizona to get out of the city and recharge, renew and nurture myself.   I had been there several times in past years when I consulted out that way and I was missing the beauty of the red rocks and the serenity and calm experienced when visiting there.  I was looking forward to capturing it for my next volume of relaxation, ambient DVDs “TV ArtScapes” so off I went for five days of serenity, reflection and beauty.

I arrived early Thanksgiving morning and it was a bit overcast.  I didn’t care thou because I love to drive and Sedona is about 2 hours outside of Phoenix. So I packed up the rental car, placed my CDs on the seat next to me and set forth for some serenity and calm!!

It was a great drive.  When I rounded the bend the Hwy that allows for that first great first view of Sedona, I was very glad it was a bit overcast.  The grey and white clouds were hanging on the tops of the Red Rock formations and it was a mysterious and interesting site.  I grabbed the camera at the first turnout and began to shoot. There were a few people enjoying the view as well but most at this time I supposed were gathering with family and friends to give thanks and share a day of thanks, love and appreciation for each other.  I missed that, but I said a quick thank you for being able to enjoy God’s beauty….then it was off to the hotel.  It was 1:00PM.

After getting settled at the Hyatt at Penion Point, I was anxious to get to Cathedral Rock at Red Rock Crossing.  I could get in a ½ day of shooting today and It had been about 6 years since I saw Oak Creek and had captured that great view of the creek and Cathedral Rock in the background for the WaterScapes DVD.  I found myself stopping along Upper Loop Road several times to capture the Valley and it’s magnificent mini Grand Canyon like look, but when I reached Red Rock Crossing at Oak Creek….it was the best.

The Trees had changed and there were bright yellow, gold and orange leaves to make up a picture postcard scene.  The clouds were still looming but the light was just right for some magnificent shots.   I stopped to capture a part of the creek that was slow and ran thru the trees with multicolored leaves filling the forest floor.  It was magical.

I reached the place were all the famous shots in Sedona seem to be taken.   The creek was full and the water rushed over the flat red rock, caressing every curve and moving on it’s way as if to navigate hardship but ultimately move on to it’s final destination.  It was like all insecurity, sadness, loneliness….whatever feeling I had that needed some love or healing was being washed away, and what was left was magnificence, appreciation and an enormous love that was undeniable.  Overwhelming to say the least. What a powerful place.  This is actually one of the vortexes here in Sedona and this is why.  Clarity, Peace and Vision can be found here.  It was just as I had remembered.

As the camera rolled, there was a mighty gust of wind that shook the golden leaves from the trees, allowing them to gently floated right in front of the camera…it was fantastic!  But it didn’t stop there!   It started to rain a bit and the clouds became much darker.  I had just arranged another closer shot with the camera, hoping to get some rain footage and as I came up, large hail stones began to hit me, the camera and fall to the earth like great stones! It was like God was skiping stones in heaven as the hail dropped into the creek creating large splashes.   How awesome!  I tried to pull the camera shot back to get as much of the scene as possible.  I hope when I go to edit, I have enough to place this hailstorm on the TV ArtScapesÒ DVD because it was the most beautiful thing I had ever experienced.

I packed up the Camera as the hail turned to a full out rainstorm.  Hardly anyone was left at Red Rock Crossing when the rain started.  As I stepped on the wet rocks to retreat to the trail, I slipped and found myself on my back, sliding towards the rushing water.  “God please don’t let me lose the Camera,” I thought! I cracked my head on the rocks and I saw stars for a moment, but I seemed to be OK save the fist large knot beginning to form on the back of my head.  Can you say Klingon?  Since I was alone I thought I’d better stop at the urgent care I had seen on the way up to make sure I hadn’t cracked my skull or damaged any thing important, say my brain!!!.  It sure sounded like I had when it happened! Being alone when you have an accident is a pretty scary thing.  The doctor gave me assurance that I was ok and told me if I had any neurological issues, nausea or vision changes to come back.  I was glad.  I hopped in the car, still drenched and my butt and back dirty from the fall.  It was back to the hotel, directly to the spa tub in my room. What a great tub…my body appreciated the jets as I was starting to feel a bit sore from the fall.

As I laid there soaking and resting, I thanked God for a magnificent adventure.   And that wasn’t the best part.  I still had four more days to experience, shoot and enjoy the serenity that is Sedona.   I can’t wait to edit this footage and share it with the world.

Love, Peace and Serenity to all!  Happy Thanksgiving.

Veronica Crystal Young   -40s Goddess

http://www.tvartsapes.com http://www.crystaleyesinc.com


Asking for Help

I don’t know about you but asking for help has always been hard.  As my production company and DVD business grows, more things need to get done and my time is filled with menial and administrative tasks as well as the creative work which I love.  So, I decide it was time to break down and hire an assistant.  What a big step! 


 Then I said to myself, “what am I doing?”  In this economy today, with it’s failing banks, DOW falling over 700 points yesterday and congress seeming to take their sweet time about passing any plan for assistance, it is not the greatest time to be hiring an assistant! Especially when my main product is not a staple on any families’ must have list, although I aim to change that in time.  Families can take a vacation in their own Living Rooms, not to mention experiencing that romantic sunset at the Beach in Carmel or the Beach in Maui, Hawaii with the TV ArtScapes DVD series….but I digress.


 OK, I always do this.  I do something that I think I “should do” for my business and then the gremlins start…the “Fred in my Head” (Yes, I have named him); that voice that second guesses and always tries to discourage my efforts as not the right time; I don’t have enough of this or that, I can’t do it, I need more ….blah, blah, blah!   I’m really sick of this particular man in my life!  Sound familiar?  So this is what I do.


 I thank him very much for sharing, I remind myself that everything happens for a reason and in it’s own time.  I TRUST (Boy that’s a big one) that my thoughts and actions about hiring someone are the next step in my business’s evolution and…… I make another list!  Yes, I’m a list person.  I make a list of all the things my assistant can do for me so that I can be free to do the things I love and the things that absolutely require ME.  You would be surprised how many items are on this list.  


 So with the extra help together with some creative marketing and follow-up, I am confident I made the right choice.  It’s just that until you actually “see and feel” the benefit, i.e. monetarily, that “Fred” voice is just going to be there, nagging away at your decisions.  It all comes down to Faith.  FAITH that you are on the right path, with the right people……and TRUST yourself and your decisions. We women need to do this more often!


Until next time,

Live with Passion, Love and Light,

……..And let Nature’s Beauty and Majesty inspire you!

VCYoung  – Veronica Crystal Young

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