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 This 4th of July holds a special significance for me. We all know what courage and resolve our forefathers needed to forge a new world order.   This year I have seen courage in some close friends and family, and I, too, have had to muster up a healthy dose. 

Courage. It’s not easy.
In this world where technology is increasingly replacing human connection, where jobs are sparse and tempers are high, and where psychological and physical abuse continues to create self-doubt, pain, and fear, Courage is necessary. 

*Necessary to really face ourselves, our faults and shortcomings. To be daring and place ourselves out in the world; vulnerable to hurt, failure, or fear of the unknown, or fear of repeating the past.
*Necessary to express who we really are.
*Necessary to be there for others in hard times.
*Necessary to speak up for our truths and our opinions. To have a voice and to know we count. Remembering that every person matters and is entitled to their opinion or truth, and no one is more important than another.

Courage is the nerve to speak up and act on our dreams, or tell our truths even in the face of all our fears.  Fear of not being accepted, being rejected, failing…I’m sure you can fill in whatever fear it is that keeps you from being all you can be; speaking your truth or living your life fully.  

It’s not easy.  My last post was about being open.  Being courageous is going one more step and having the guts to place yourself in situations that are hard and that have scary consequences, at least “perceived” scary consequences.   And we tend to be swayed by our expectation of those scary consequences.  But here’s the deal….  

Remember that the past does not equal the future, and NOW is the only true time. If we can remember this in every circumstance, and have faith that the universal Mother/Father/God will present what is best and next for us on this road called Life, then we will always have Courage. Our job then becomes the ability to see the path presented and find the choices that are true to who we are and who we want to be.  Trust your intuition on that path. It is the breathe of the Universe.

So this 4th of July, remember courage. Have the courage to speak up and have your voice heard. The courage to face a difficult task or help a friend or family member with a hard choice or situation. The courage to be vulnerable in the world. The courage to be 100% who you really are and find peace, happiness, freedom……..and love.  Your heart will know, trust it.  I do.  It is the greatest gift to ourselves we can give.

Live life, People!  With Love…….. and with COURAGE.

Veronica Crystal Young     -40s Goddess




RegretAll I can say about this is Regret is such a negative emotion.  It also comes when we are not living in the present.  Regret can only live if we live in the past for how can you have regret for something in the future?  And if you regret something you did right now, as soon as you feel it, the time has past.  So let’s see what we can do about this emotion that can stifle, hurt and make you crazy!

Here is the textbook definition:  Regret is an intelligent and/or emotional dislike for personal past acts and behaviors. Regret is often felt when someone feels sadness, shame, embarrassment, depression, or guilt after committing an action or actions that the person later wishes that he or she had not done.

The reality is, if something is done, it’s done.  No amount of regret, sadness, depression…whatever you are feeling, (or should I say choose to feel), will change that fact.  I have three words to say consequences, communication and responsibility. My three favorite subjects!

Any and all action we take has a result (Consequence).  It is human nature to label these consequences as “good” or “bad” but I know I have to remember I am the one that labels this.  If I have what I consider a negative emotion based on some action I have had like sadness, depression, anger etc, I label the consequence “bad.”  When this happens, I have 3 choices.  1) Take some action to rectify the situation as you see it or 2) wallow in the bad feeling and hope it doesn’t last long (your choice) or 3)  Accept it, forgive yourself and move on. I suggest, as a rule, 1 or 3 because # 2 just builds walls and closes us off to people and experiences. Not a great way to live.

So, with that said, I confess I recently had been living in the “wallow.” I know, I know…take my own advice!  But sometimes it’s necessary to feel the hurt and pain of regret.  Maybe it will get you off your ass to do what you need to do, or feel you need to do!  I know it has me. I’m still working myself crazy at the hospital, but I am forcing myself to make time to do the projects, production and passion that feeds my soul.  We all have too….because Youth is in our Passions!   Hey, I think I just figured out my next segment!

So, be well my friends.  And always remember to live in the present, forgive the past, and go for your dreams. Life is too short!

Veronica Crystal Young – 40s Goddesss

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Net worth is not self-worth

You are a unique creation—so valuable that no accountant could calculate it. Like an original work of art, there is no other like you. Irreplaceable. Valuable beyond all measure. You.

Unfortunately, most of us underestimate our own value and are unclear about why we’re here on the planet. We buy into popular culture’s definition of worth—that you are what you do and what you own. The world says your value will be measured exclusively in relationship to what others have. Believing in the world’s value system ties you to a treadmill of endless work to prove your worth. Now is the time to redefine yourself and how you measure wealth.

Knowing your value and believing your incredible worth is the baseline for a healthy relationship with money. Without a strong definition of self-worth, money is meaningless. There is nothing you can measure your self-worth against.

How you handle money is ultimately an expression of self-worth. If you know and believe you are worth something, you will live richly at any income level. If you think you are worthless or if you double your value or are confused about your purpose on the planet, you will spend money in damaging ways to fill the void.

The root cause of all bad financial decisions is fear. If you’re not living up to your potential, if you’re stuck in a job you hate, if life isn’t turning out the way you planned, it’s because of decisions you made based on fear.

If you believe you’re a beloved child of God, you can never be bought. You will come to a place where money has no power over you. A place where you are in control—unswayed by the siren song of possessions. A place where you step lightly and with purpose on the planet.

To know your worth is to know your destiny. You were put on this earth to do great things, large and small. Each day, you have the choice to allow yourself to be governed by fear or faith. It’s your decision. Choose faith and flourish.

Lisa Horuczi Markus
Lisa is a Financial Planner and the Author of the book – Living a Blessed Life

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Asking for Help

I don’t know about you but asking for help has always been hard.  As my production company and DVD business grows, more things need to get done and my time is filled with menial and administrative tasks as well as the creative work which I love.  So, I decide it was time to break down and hire an assistant.  What a big step! 


 Then I said to myself, “what am I doing?”  In this economy today, with it’s failing banks, DOW falling over 700 points yesterday and congress seeming to take their sweet time about passing any plan for assistance, it is not the greatest time to be hiring an assistant! Especially when my main product is not a staple on any families’ must have list, although I aim to change that in time.  Families can take a vacation in their own Living Rooms, not to mention experiencing that romantic sunset at the Beach in Carmel or the Beach in Maui, Hawaii with the TV ArtScapes DVD series….but I digress.


 OK, I always do this.  I do something that I think I “should do” for my business and then the gremlins start…the “Fred in my Head” (Yes, I have named him); that voice that second guesses and always tries to discourage my efforts as not the right time; I don’t have enough of this or that, I can’t do it, I need more ….blah, blah, blah!   I’m really sick of this particular man in my life!  Sound familiar?  So this is what I do.


 I thank him very much for sharing, I remind myself that everything happens for a reason and in it’s own time.  I TRUST (Boy that’s a big one) that my thoughts and actions about hiring someone are the next step in my business’s evolution and…… I make another list!  Yes, I’m a list person.  I make a list of all the things my assistant can do for me so that I can be free to do the things I love and the things that absolutely require ME.  You would be surprised how many items are on this list.  


 So with the extra help together with some creative marketing and follow-up, I am confident I made the right choice.  It’s just that until you actually “see and feel” the benefit, i.e. monetarily, that “Fred” voice is just going to be there, nagging away at your decisions.  It all comes down to Faith.  FAITH that you are on the right path, with the right people……and TRUST yourself and your decisions. We women need to do this more often!


Until next time,

Live with Passion, Love and Light,

……..And let Nature’s Beauty and Majesty inspire you!

VCYoung  – Veronica Crystal Young

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