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I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by.  Last year I was spending my holiday here in Sedona and here I am again, enjoying the red rocks, peace and serenity of mother nature.  I’m traveling a little further to the Grand Canyon in a few days so that will be a brand new adventure!  But I digress, I wanted to talk about Friends for the Holidays…. so here it is.

Friends…so great to have friends that you can talk to about anything without being judged, friends that you can trust to be there for you no matter what, friends that keep you real and won’t let you get away with being stupid or inappropriate. Friends who will keep your secrets in confidence and tell you like it is even though it may hurt.  It’s hard to find….. Having true friends is a treasure and we should never take it for granted.

Sometimes we may make mistakes, sometimes they will make mistakes, each of us acting less than our wonderful selves from pressures at home, at work…or just because we have some fear leading us in the wrong direction.  But owning up to our mistakes, taking responsibility for our actions and expressing any apologies needed is a start to getting things back on track. True friendship is golden and having true friends is the richest thing in the world.

I have groups of friends as we probably all do. Personal friends, work friends, comedy friends, professional-creative friends and a group of Goddess Friends.  There is some cross over but each group of friends is distinct and I can be a little different in each circle.  I know I am pretty quiet in the comedy group of friends as I’m a bit intimidated by all the wonderful talent!  I am very outspoken with my group of Goddess friends and personal friends, and the work and entertainment friend’s groups’ are a little more “political.”  Political meaning there are “correct” ways to act and interact.  I hate that but hey, that’s life right?  Honesty, integrity, fairness is the key to all interactions, no matter the group.  Trying to actually live that amongst all the personalities, political pulls and human nature is sometimes pretty challenging, especially when in a Management position. If I hold onto those 3 things, I’m doing good!

So I want to acknowledge a few groups of my friends.

Mary and Fred Willard’s Sketch comedy class friends – You inspire me.  You remind me not to take myself too seriously, and that there is joy and laughter in everything, even the tough times.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center work friends – You inspire me.  You keep me grounded, fulfilled, and real….knowing that we are helping people and fellow staff……working thru some tough system hurdles together and figuring it all out, because that’s what we do!

Crystal Eyes Entertainment friends – You inspire me.  You give me such joy! You bring out the creative juices in me for “The Cougar News©” or “TV ArtScapes®.”  Thank you for sharing your talent and creativity.

Goddess friends – You inspire me.  You are my best friends, my chosen sisters. I feel loved and blessed to have you in my life. …thank you for being my family.

So who do you count as your friends?  Have you told them lately that you are happy and blessed to have them in your life?  The holidays are a perfect time for that.  So what are you waiting for?   It’s almost 2012!   (Ok, it’s only a movie!)

Lots O’Love people!

40s Goddess
VCYoung   – Veronica Crystal Young   AKA Gerlinde Davidson
www.tvartscapes.com www.crystaleyesinc.com

Live Your Best Life


So this week I really hit a wall.   Working so many hours and neglecting my creative side and time with friends and family really has been taking its toll.  I had to re-evaluate what is important in my life (Yet again) and what it will take to actually, as Oprah says “Live my Best Life.”

I had to ask myself, what is killing myself at work doing for me?  What gratification do I get out of it?  There must be some reason.  And then the worst thought crossed my mind.  Is it because Crystal Eyes Entertainment and the DVD business was feeling a little success and I got scared?  You know the whole, “afraid of success” mentality.  I never really understood that concept but maybe I am sabotaging my creative success for the stable life the hospital affords?  That makes me even more frustrated than I already am!

So what does being a workaholic mean? Is it for the feeling of accomplishment I feel when things get done correctly? The satisfaction I feel when heading up a big project and seeing it become a success? Is it the feeling that I make a difference? Is it for the recognition of a job well done?  Is it because any less than perfect would not be acceptable? Yes, I think all those things, at least for me.  Ask yourself this hard question if you have the workaholic syndrome too. Sometimes you can be surprised at the answers.

So what do I need to do to avoid the “Comfort” eating, the “Couch Potato” syndrome after working for 12 hours at the Hospital?  What do I need to do to get my energy back, have more time to spend with Friends and Family, work on my creative projects, have time and money to travel to great places and still make time to find that special man?   All these things will make up my formula for “Living My Best life.”  Commitment and determination will be the key to my success.  Oh, and that trip to Cabo and Hawaii later this year will help with the motivation, don’t you know!

So what is YOUR Formula for Living Your Best Life?  What can you commit to this week to ensure you are living it?

Just do it. No excuses. Half the year is over.  What are you waiting for?

Love and Light, my friends,

40s Goddess

Veronica Crystal Young      www.tvartscapes.com www.crystaleyesinc.com