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Last weekend I attended a retreat at the the beautiful Glen Ivy Hot Springs Resort and Spa. It was an inspirational place, and I loved it that my room was right next to a stream and waterfall for early morning walks.

The weekend started with a lovely gathering in the main lodge. The theme for the weekend was “love.” Well let’s face it, you can’t get a better topic or a more inspiring focus then that.

The women were from all over, from as far as New York and Canada. We all chose what aspect of love we wanted to focus on for the weekend, and we placed a symbol of that focus on the gold, fabric draped steps of the great room. I thought about what I brought as a symbol of love, and I knew immediately what my focus had to be.

In my hands was a stone shaped heart. I bought it in Sedona, one of the gorgeous places I love to go for reflection and renewal, and it seemed to have all the qualities of love. It had sections to it, lighter sections that seemed to be held together with darker strands of gold. To me the lighter sections symbolized the “pieces” of love, all the emotions and circumstances we encounter like passion, fear, doubt, acceptance, honesty, trust, hurt, compromise….and many more. The dark gold stand symbolized how a relationship is always held together with the power of love. BUT, the best thing about my heart rock was the center. It opened up to reveal dazzling, brilliant, crystals and that is where I found my inspiration for my focus that weekend.

Openness. As I held the heart rock in my hand, I was reminded that being open to love, being open to receive and being open to give, THAT is where the brilliance is. “Open” can be hard as we encounter life’s challenges, as we are hurt by the words and deeds of others, as we navigate our own doubts and build walls of protection and fear. Sometimes our own actions can derail us and we find it difficult to forgive ourselves. But if we open our hearts to the oneness in this world, to the magnificence of every living thing and every other person, we will know and experience love. A love of no judgement, no conditions and a love that includes love of ourselves, because how can there be magnificence in this world and not have it include you? We are all one. I can’t tell you how walking anywhere with a conscious openness can change your life. Peace, joy, a feeling of belonging and that you are never alone. Pretty awesome when we can remember to approach everything in life this way and make a conscious choice to remain open.

I have my stone heart sitting on my nightstand so as I wake up every morning I can remember to be “open” to life’s great treasures; in nature, in people, in the challenges of circumstance. Joy, peace, happiness and love is yours, be open to it.

The brilliance of open …….is magic. May you find it and keep it, for being open is Love.

Veronica Crystal Young    40sGoddess-


Valentine’s Day

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day, and I’m in beautiful Lake Tahoe again. A romantic setting…. gorgeous sunset, the lake, a fire pit, a martini, and inspiration. At least that is what comes up or me. Does it matter that I’m here alone on this day? Does it matter that I see couples everywhere, sharing their lives, dreams and moments together? Does it sting, just a little? 

 In years past it has been hard to be alone on this special of days. A day to express appreciation, caring and love for that special someone is your life. But what to do if you are currently single? What if that special “other” is not in the picture, at least for now?

I decided to treat myself to a great late lunch by the Lake at my favorite resturaunt. It is right on the lake, has picture windows and I am writing, reflecting and capturing the moment in both video and pictures, my favorite thing to do. I am so full of peace and love. Isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about? Do you need another person to feel those things? I don’t think so. But with that said, let’s face it, seeing a beautiful sunset, walking the bamboo forest or experiencing the power of a waterfall is just that much more  magnificent when shared. THAT is what I miss.

So if you are single, if that significant other has eluded you to date, do something for that special “you.”
That wonderful, loving person that YOU are. You deserve it. Learn to appreciate you and the time you have in this life. Appreciate the NOW that is so difficult to continually live in this crazy world. Celebrate and love the person you are! All of you. No matter what faults you think you have, or what your perception is of what you are lacking.  

By the way, we don’t need a special day to celebrate. Live the celebration of YOU every day. Make the plan to do something for your wonderful self at least once a month. Because you, my dears, are gorgeous and complete just as you are, and just as you are NOW.   You are a Goddess after all!

Love to you this Valentine’s Day. May your days be filled with Love. And here’s wishing, if you desire it, that someone special will appear in your life. Someone deserving, and exactly what you want…..to share life moments.

 Peace and light,

Veronica Crystal Young   


I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by.  Last year I was spending my holiday here in Sedona and here I am again, enjoying the red rocks, peace and serenity of mother nature.  I’m traveling a little further to the Grand Canyon in a few days so that will be a brand new adventure!  But I digress, I wanted to talk about Friends for the Holidays…. so here it is.

Friends…so great to have friends that you can talk to about anything without being judged, friends that you can trust to be there for you no matter what, friends that keep you real and won’t let you get away with being stupid or inappropriate. Friends who will keep your secrets in confidence and tell you like it is even though it may hurt.  It’s hard to find….. Having true friends is a treasure and we should never take it for granted.

Sometimes we may make mistakes, sometimes they will make mistakes, each of us acting less than our wonderful selves from pressures at home, at work…or just because we have some fear leading us in the wrong direction.  But owning up to our mistakes, taking responsibility for our actions and expressing any apologies needed is a start to getting things back on track. True friendship is golden and having true friends is the richest thing in the world.

I have groups of friends as we probably all do. Personal friends, work friends, comedy friends, professional-creative friends and a group of Goddess Friends.  There is some cross over but each group of friends is distinct and I can be a little different in each circle.  I know I am pretty quiet in the comedy group of friends as I’m a bit intimidated by all the wonderful talent!  I am very outspoken with my group of Goddess friends and personal friends, and the work and entertainment friend’s groups’ are a little more “political.”  Political meaning there are “correct” ways to act and interact.  I hate that but hey, that’s life right?  Honesty, integrity, fairness is the key to all interactions, no matter the group.  Trying to actually live that amongst all the personalities, political pulls and human nature is sometimes pretty challenging, especially when in a Management position. If I hold onto those 3 things, I’m doing good!

So I want to acknowledge a few groups of my friends.

Mary and Fred Willard’s Sketch comedy class friends – You inspire me.  You remind me not to take myself too seriously, and that there is joy and laughter in everything, even the tough times.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center work friends – You inspire me.  You keep me grounded, fulfilled, and real….knowing that we are helping people and fellow staff……working thru some tough system hurdles together and figuring it all out, because that’s what we do!

Crystal Eyes Entertainment friends – You inspire me.  You give me such joy! You bring out the creative juices in me for “The Cougar News©” or “TV ArtScapes®.”  Thank you for sharing your talent and creativity.

Goddess friends – You inspire me.  You are my best friends, my chosen sisters. I feel loved and blessed to have you in my life. …thank you for being my family.

So who do you count as your friends?  Have you told them lately that you are happy and blessed to have them in your life?  The holidays are a perfect time for that.  So what are you waiting for?   It’s almost 2012!   (Ok, it’s only a movie!)

Lots O’Love people!

40s Goddess
VCYoung   – Veronica Crystal Young   AKA Gerlinde Davidson
www.tvartscapes.com www.crystaleyesinc.com


ExpectationSuch a big word that holds so much meaning.  Happy, sad, miserable, or ecstatic.  Our emotions and moods can run the gamut, depending on what our expectations are in any given situation. 


Just look at the “real” reason you are upset or happy in any given situation.  Are you feeling badly about yourself or a situation? That usually comes down to an expectation not realized, either with yourself or with someone else.  If you are ecstatic, was your expectation much less then the reality of the situation?   


Painful as it may be, when I dig deep to look at certain choices that I’ve made, it’s my own expectations that have hurt me.  Was my expectation too high? Was the reality of achieving the goal to crazy or impossible?  Was it that I had set up a meeting, call, or trip and my expectations fell short of the reality?  Did someone follow-thru with what I thought would happen or totally floor me with the opposite response, good or bad?  Remember the “good and “bad” is just your perception.  That’s a whole other topic!


I guess the most important thing to remember is that we have the control to choose our expectations. Just like it is in our control to deal with our perceived negative repercussions of expectations not realized.  We can either, except responsibility for our actions and for having X expectations about the circumstances; or we can blame outcomes on someone or something else which is really, I think, a cop-out. 


My question is…..Why would you want to act like a victim?  Like something was done to you? How disempowering is that? Granted, there are times when you don’t have any control over a situation but it’s all in your handling, your reaction to the outcome where the “gold” of who you are really is. Because, let’s face it, how we show up in the world, our actions, our non-actions……are all reflections of who we really are.  It’s our choice to show up and handle things in which ever way is our true self.


And one more thing….I feel we must find the capacity for forgiveness, forgiveness for others, as well as ourselves.  That’s a big one.  If you feel you made a mistake, if you were hurt by someone or you hurt someone and you continually beat yourself up for it, what good could possibly come from that?  Life is too short….GET OVER IT! 


So I guess the best thing to have is no expectations at all.  This is difficult to say the least.  If we are not attached to an outcome and just allow the “flow of life” to happen……we could be pleasantly surprised.  Besides, most expectations are based on past experience and we all know that old adage “the past does not equal the future…..”  Except when it does.  (Did I actually say that after all this?)  Ok, I need to let it go and get over it!


Blessings and Happy Wishes for the Coming Year!


40s Goddess    Veronica Crystal Young   

www.tvartscapes.com    www.crystaleyesinc.com 



bigbeardec08blogChristmas – It’s all about ME

Well. It’s here again. That time of year that we all light roaring fires in the fireplace, trim the tree, light the candles, and spend time with loved ones. It’s a time for sharing and big family meals, for candy boxes and gifts. Even though it’s one of my favorite times of year, this year doesn’t feel like Christmas at all.

Maybe it’s the economy? Maybe it’s the fact that my mother moved to another state this past month? Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t have a special someone to share it with? Not that I didn’t try! This time of year is especially hard for people who are by themselves. There is nowhere you can hide without being bombarded with family and friend commercials and TV programming that is geared to tug at your heart strings…… and let’s not even get started on how the stores start pushing Christmas even before Thanksgiving! So this year, I’m choosing to look at it from a different perspective. Christmas this year, can be all about ME!

Yes, that’s right. ME. What I want, who I want to see, where I want to go or not go…ME. Yes, I called my mom and brothers in the morning to hear all about the baby doll Lydia got or the train set Josiah is playing with, but after that…it was all about me. And, yes, it was hard.

Usually when I’m home, I have a tendency to work. Having your own business does that to you. I certainly have several projects to produce and edit like the South Orange County Outreach PSA, the Ovation Awards 2008 winner interviews, the Scuba Show vendor promos and TV ArtScapes® ForestScapes DVD. (OK, maybe I should rethink this Me day?!) No, Christmas day, I took a break. Really! I lighted that fireplace (I love that), sipped some champagne to toast the past year and all my accomplishments, burned some sage to cleanse any bad energy that was lingering around the house, and then…I went to The Peninsula for Brunch with my good friends Bob and Pat. Wow, was that Great! Great company and great food. THEN….the next morning at 5:30AM it was up and out to go skiing! That’s right, I took to the slopes and I brought my high definition camera to shoot some snow scenes! It’s all about ME, remember!!!!

Ok, so shooting is technically my work, but you have to realize that I am happiest when I’m experiencing and shooting nature and the great outdoors. The oneness you feel when you are out there, the magnificence of the beauty and the awe of it all. It’s pretty cool. And I get to capture it all so not only I can enjoy it forever, but others can too! What a great thing! And maybe, just maybe when I get there….. amongst all that snow, the great little cottage with the fireplace and view, it will finally feel like Christmas! One can only hope……

So, my friends, this Holiday Season,
I wish you Love, Light and Blessings!
May you have all that you need, May you be with those you love,
and most important….may you be at PEACE.

40s Goddess    -Veronica Crystal Young   

www.tvartscapes.com          www.crystaleyesinc.com 




Connected.  That is such a great word.  We can feel such connection….. to things, to a favorite song, to a place, to a type of food, to nature…..and most fulfilling of all to people. 


As I visited Hawaii last week, with its’ great sunsets, magnificent coastlines and majestic waterfalls, I couldn’t help but feel connection.  Yes, I was alone… but there was proof of a bigger feeling than alone, a grander reality, a truth about feeling a part of something.  As I took that Road to Hana at 4:30AM in the morning and experienced that lovely drive for 4 hours to the distant, not so commercial side of the island, I was overwhelmed at times at the peace, inspiration and security I felt…with no one around for miles or hours for that matter.  The beauty of the scenery, the rhythm of the ocean and the power of the waterfalls is just stunning. You can’t help but reflect on that supreme, loving energy that created all things.  And you can’t help but feel a big part of our enormous community called Earth, and all the plants and animals that live here.  


When I’m feeling depressed or lonely, I have a tendency to head straight for the beach or the mountains to help pull me back to that bigger connection and that sense of “we are not alone.” That is if I can.  During the week it can be difficult with juggling work, family, responsibility…..life really.  But I’ve found that taking short trips or weekend jaunts is the best medicine.  And if I can’t get away, I pop in a TV ArtScapes DVD with that awesome footage and I feel like I’m back in nature again, experiencing all it’s wonder and inspiration. 


We all want connection.  We all crave to belong.  Nature has a way of inspiring that connection, that feeling of belonging and wonder, that love that is the universal truth in our creation and existence.  At least it does for me.   


So Experience Nature, feel the connection to Love, Beauty and your God.  Feel the sense of belonging.  It’s for you everyday…… it’s for all of us.  And for goodness sakes, Let’s make sure we protect it.


I wish Love, Light and Connection for you all!  Peace…

40sGoddess    Veronica Crystal Young 

TV ArtScapes.com     –  Crystal Eyes Entertainment         


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