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Sitting here watching the sailboats go out of the marina, the sun trying to crack thru the haze, I see birds flocking around the empty tables looking for any morsel of nourishment they can find.  Peaceful when no one is around, but I know soon it will be bustling with people, adults and kids alike, taking advantage of the beautiful holiday weekend.

Yes, I’m not working today.  I had to sit down with myself yesterday and have a serious talk.  I have been running myself into the ground with work certifications, extra curricular activities and my businesses at home with no time for myself at all.  Looking in the mirror lately is just scary!  So I set some time aside to clean the house, it was such a mess.  When I was done I took a long, hot bath, went to bed early and promised myself that I had to take care of having a day off at least once a week.

Now unless you know me, you do not know how hard that is to do!  I always feel like I have to be doing something, especially for my businesses.  A very good and wise friend asked me, “Who has set the deadline on anything for your businesses?”  I had to stop and say, well me.  Why am I doing this to myself.  It is just crazy.

I told myself, well there ARE reasons.  I have to make sure I write the blog at least monthly, I have to do a News show at least monthly, I have to get the new Website up, I have to actually finish the 3 DVDs in post-production for TV ArtScapes…..and of course, I have to go to my regular work 50 hours a week!  Man, I need to get a life, I thought.

Another very good friend of mine came to my rescue a few weeks ago when I was in meltdown mode.  He said, you know, if you put all that energy into the film you want to make, you’d have it done in a year.  I thought, about it, and you know, he is so right. But would putting all my other projects on hold for a year feel like I failed? I thought it might but again, there is really no timeline but the one I have set.  And my pursuits and energy, while very diverse, have allowed me to realize and create many of my dream projects, but having limited time, exhausts me for sure!

So it’s all about permission.  Giving yourself permission to take the road and path you feel the most strongly about.  Make the decision and have laser focus on that path.  You will accomplish what you need to do, or if you don’t, you may found out you want to change that path or at least find out what NOT to do on the way to that goal.

So give yourself permission to have laser focus.  If you have other pursuits, don’t feel like you have failed, they are “on hold” for now.  While you go after your dream, and experience life to the fullest!  Blessing to all, and my you live life to the fullest!

Love and Light Always!

Veronica Crystal Young

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As I sit here at my computer, beating myself up for not having time to write last week, I realize TIME is the perfect subject.  How often do you find there is not enough time in the day to accomplish what you want?  Are you as frustrated as I am when people say “time is an illusion?” How can it be an illusion when I miss a meeting, don’t finish something in time for a goal date or see that my face is showing the wisdom of my years?  To me it is very real, and it is crazy making sometimes when it feels like overwhelm before you even get started.  This Blog being one of those times!


I think the key to “feeling” like you have a handle on time is to live for and in the moment. There have been books and books written about this. One way I keep the “not enough time” hound away is to act.  Sure, I make my lists, I check things off, I get distracted, I make more lists…but action is always fulfilling in that it does bring me closer to goals.  Even if my action brings failure, at least I know the result, whether it is positive or negative, and that is valuable information.


I have come to allow my NOW to drive my time. Allow is big for me, being a goal oriented, over achieving, control gal (Couldn’t you tell!). Sometimes we just have to cut ourselves a break! 


My mantra every morning has turned out to be:  “Things will happen in their time.  People will show up in time, and you have enough time.” Just don’t go down that self destructive road of not enough……it’s a time killer! So until the next time….  Be kind to yourself.  Allow the now…….


Live, Love and find your “Time,”

 -VCYoung, 40’s Goddess