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Relax Already!

Relax Already!

So you would think that being in one of the most beautiful places on earth would make one relax, wind down and really take life slow, releasing all the tensions and problems one thinks is clogging up their life. Well, I’m here to tell you…. no! It’s not that easy for some of us.

There I was in Maui, at the beautiful Hyatt Hotel with stunning waterfalls, lagoons, and several pools right on the ocean, and it still was hard to just relax, sleep on a lounge chair or read a book, at least for an hour or two. I was still so anxious and in work mode, it was hard to “turn off” totally. I know it will take a few days…thank goodness I was there for a few days, at least I’ll be relaxed by the third day….I hope.

Does it take you some time to decompress? Do you get anxious or feel like you should be “doing” something to fill up the time? I, at least, have my videography and filming that makes me feel like I am not “wasting time.” And what is wasting time? Why do some of us feel that if we are not pursing our passions, working towards something or visiting family or friends that we are “wasting time?” I guess it comes from being a type A personality, where nothing is ever quite done, nothing is ever perfect. I have to sit down with myself and have a heart to heart talk, and give myself permission to relax. Permission to let time run out and watch it go by with absolutely no regret for not filling it with work, or calls or “business stuff.” I was going to be filming in a few days and that is my greatest joy, but until then, laying by the pool, sipping a pina colada and making new friends was just gonna have to do! It’s rough…..I know.

So give yourself permission to just be and enjoy time without feeling like you have to be somewhere, be doing anything or talking to anyone. Enjoy the “Being” and the rejuvenation will begin. You will have a fresh perspective on everything and you can actually start the process of learning how to “be” all the time, even when you are home, at work or in stressful situations. Teach yourself to take a moment to check into the “being” state. It is the Now, it is sacred, and it is necessary….for all of us.

Peace and love my friends. May you find the state of “being,’ relaxed and rejuvenated by life’s simple moments. They are life’s greatest moments.  Mahalo….

40s Goddess    Veronica Crystal Young

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Tahoe Adventure

Another inspiring trip was on the agenda this week. Lake Tahoe – snow showers and all.

The trip up from Reno was a bit harrowing as there are a few places where I was alone on the road. It was snowing heavily and there were a few icy patches but I managed to get past the intense part of the road with the chains still on the seat beside me. Hey, I could have put them on!  I laid them out on the seat and read the directions at one point, but decided to forge ahead without them despite the flashing yellow lights half packed with snow that warned “Snow tires or chains required when lights flashing.”   It was an adventure!  I made it to the Hyatt on the beautiful North Shore in record time. Lake Tahoe is inspiring and I enjoyed shooting some great scenes, capturing snow and ice streams, the mountains and the majesty of Lake Tahoe for the upcoming TV ArtScapes® SnowScapes DVD.

Every nite I took advantage of the big fire pit by the lake. People talking, drinkingwine, smiling….all at a fireside pit, watching the clouds as they seemingly turn into red and orange fire behind the snowcapped mountains.  Strangers, chatting about the days skiing or yesterdays adventure. I wondered, are they happy? Are they in Love? What do they do?  What trials and challenges had they had?

There was a girl with a camera.  She looked to be about 30, her hair wrapped up in the scarf that kept the outside chill at bay.  She was by herself, and had a professional camera……she reminded me of me. She took advantage of the postcard picture setting, always capturing the right moment.  By night’s end the moon was full and it was a perfect end to a great day as it made the snow an eerie blue and the water dance with silvery strands of light.

So what did all this beauty and people watching inspire? Regret for relationships past, or regret for opportunities missed?  Regret for anything?  No, instead a setting like this always makes me feel close to nature and therefore close to everyone and everything.  It instills a feeling that you are not alone, even though you may be physically alone at the time.  A connection that is undeniable…. A connection where you know there is something bigger than all of us.  And thank goodness for that!  It also inspires thankfulness.  Thanks for being able to get away for awhile from the fast paced, techno world we live in. Thanks for time to read a book, slow down and enjoy the moments of now, because that is all there is when you really think about it.

All in all, it was a great trip. I recommend these small trips for everyone. They truly rejuvenate and can help you gain your common sense perspective on life. And if you can’t get away to enjoy the majesty of nature, Here it comes……….I do recommend the TV ArtScapes® nature DVDs!  Shameless self promotion, I know, but someone has to do it!

Happy New Year People!  Peace and Love to all.  Let’s make this year a good one!

Veronica Crystal Young– 40s Goddess

www.tvartscapes.com www.crystaleyesinc.com


I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by.  Last year I was spending my holiday here in Sedona and here I am again, enjoying the red rocks, peace and serenity of mother nature.  I’m traveling a little further to the Grand Canyon in a few days so that will be a brand new adventure!  But I digress, I wanted to talk about Friends for the Holidays…. so here it is.

Friends…so great to have friends that you can talk to about anything without being judged, friends that you can trust to be there for you no matter what, friends that keep you real and won’t let you get away with being stupid or inappropriate. Friends who will keep your secrets in confidence and tell you like it is even though it may hurt.  It’s hard to find….. Having true friends is a treasure and we should never take it for granted.

Sometimes we may make mistakes, sometimes they will make mistakes, each of us acting less than our wonderful selves from pressures at home, at work…or just because we have some fear leading us in the wrong direction.  But owning up to our mistakes, taking responsibility for our actions and expressing any apologies needed is a start to getting things back on track. True friendship is golden and having true friends is the richest thing in the world.

I have groups of friends as we probably all do. Personal friends, work friends, comedy friends, professional-creative friends and a group of Goddess Friends.  There is some cross over but each group of friends is distinct and I can be a little different in each circle.  I know I am pretty quiet in the comedy group of friends as I’m a bit intimidated by all the wonderful talent!  I am very outspoken with my group of Goddess friends and personal friends, and the work and entertainment friend’s groups’ are a little more “political.”  Political meaning there are “correct” ways to act and interact.  I hate that but hey, that’s life right?  Honesty, integrity, fairness is the key to all interactions, no matter the group.  Trying to actually live that amongst all the personalities, political pulls and human nature is sometimes pretty challenging, especially when in a Management position. If I hold onto those 3 things, I’m doing good!

So I want to acknowledge a few groups of my friends.

Mary and Fred Willard’s Sketch comedy class friends – You inspire me.  You remind me not to take myself too seriously, and that there is joy and laughter in everything, even the tough times.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center work friends – You inspire me.  You keep me grounded, fulfilled, and real….knowing that we are helping people and fellow staff……working thru some tough system hurdles together and figuring it all out, because that’s what we do!

Crystal Eyes Entertainment friends – You inspire me.  You give me such joy! You bring out the creative juices in me for “The Cougar News©” or “TV ArtScapes®.”  Thank you for sharing your talent and creativity.

Goddess friends – You inspire me.  You are my best friends, my chosen sisters. I feel loved and blessed to have you in my life. …thank you for being my family.

So who do you count as your friends?  Have you told them lately that you are happy and blessed to have them in your life?  The holidays are a perfect time for that.  So what are you waiting for?   It’s almost 2012!   (Ok, it’s only a movie!)

Lots O’Love people!

40s Goddess
VCYoung   – Veronica Crystal Young   AKA Gerlinde Davidson
www.tvartscapes.com www.crystaleyesinc.com

Knight in Shining ?

Ahhh…vacation, well sort of. It’s 7:00 AM. As I sit here on my balcony overlooking a beautiful white sand beach, I wonder what this time away will bring.  I packed up my labtop and all my files and brought my camera with me to work on various projects since the love of my life has not shown up yet.  Ok, I still hope. 


Maybe he’ll discover me in this foreign country this time?  Maybe he’ll finally find me and he WILL be on that white horse.  Well……did I lose some of you with that? Yes, we all know that the knight in shining armor myth is a fantasy, but damn it, I can dream about it!  Yes, I’m independent. I’m stable and I’m happy…but sometimes I want a man around to share awesome experiences with, trade dreams unrealized and build a lasting love.  I have a great network of friends and I love them dearly, but having that special relationship with one man is completely different, aside from the obvious.  


So what am I going to do to “help this discovery” along?  What to do so that the synchronicity for my “future” presents himself…… all 6’ of him!  J  Let’s see… a sunset cruise?  No, too romantic, especially since everyone else will probably be sharing it with a cuddling companion.  I’ll just have their mascot.  Boos Cruise or party boat?  Naw….spring break crowd and Girls Gone Wild is not my style. I have it! The pirate ship cruise!  I’ll be able to by crazy, wear a sword, and have men rescue me! Oh wait, I don’t need rescuing!  Oh hell, I‘ll pretend just this once.  It’ll be fun. A change of pace. A needy mess.  Crying at everything.  Helpless beyond belief.  OK…I can’t do it. Just typing this my feet are going numb and I’m breaking out in hives! 


As I always do when I go on vacation, this week will be a great time for fun, relaxing…. yes, a little work……and continued dreaming.    And maybe, amid all this, being myself will be enough to attract that night, ummmmm, …….knight.  Maybe not in shining armor, but at least with a great head on his shoulders; sense of humor, stability, honesty, peace and love in his heart, and a great affection for an independent, loving woman.

It can happen.  It can happen, It can happen.  (Yes, I’m wearing ruby slippers)


Till next time,

 Love, Live and Continue to dream…….                                 Subscribe 


VCYoung, 40s Goddess